Midland Food Tours

Midland Food Tours is a spectacular tour run by a Heart of Georgian Bay local. Kelly provides a unique opportunity to explore Midland and the overlooked businesses within it. This can be experienced in two ways; if you are a person who likes a tour guide to get the local insight into architecture and art, then the guided tour is for you. If you are more of an independent adventurer, the self-guided driving tour would be the way to go! No matter how you experience this, it will be one to remember. When you think of Midland, you do not think of a food tour, but the food is truly amazing. This experience is one to try. Here were some of my highlights 

Mega Mindful Living

One of the first stops on this tour is Mega Mindful living. This is a vegan restaurant that not only has food that is so good you forget it is vegan, but they also sell other vegan products like soups, milk and sweet treats. This is a business many would not try due to the fact that it is vegan, but this tour showcases fantastic vegan food and a unique place in downtown Midland.

Chefs Bill Presents

Another fantastic spot on this tour is Chef Bill Presents. The food served was excellent. The red pepper jelly that they as well sell at the restaurant is mouth-watering. Along with their drunken jellies, they also sell cheese and other small trinkets. The ambiance of this restaurant is fantastic, with antique pieces, there’s a lot to see. This spot just off the main street in downtown Midland is one to visit.

Noble Hops

This small and welcoming restaurant is located across from the infamous Grounded Coffee Co. They sell products from small breweries with unique flavours that are not found in your local  Beer Store or the LCBO. The microbrewers found here are very small but have great flavours. They serve great sandwiches and can recommend the perfect pairing of beer or cider with your choice.

Grounded Coffee Co.

This infamous spot in downtown Midland was also included on the tour. This gave us the opportunity to try something we may have never tried here on our own! We were shown a demonstration of how to prepare matcha and it tasted great too! This spot to locals is definitely well known but to a non-local resident this is a great spot to stop at. The roast their own coffee and have lot’s of sweet treats too! They are a very inclusive and welcoming environment, this was a great stop on this amazing tour!

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