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Georgian Bay from the Deck of the Miss Midland

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | August 27, 2018
The people at Midland Tours Inc. warned us to get there early due to the popularity of the cruise. We thought ‘We’ll show up just before 1:45pm since the cruise leaves at 2pm and we’ll have tons of time.’ Boy, were we wrong! We could not believe how many people were already lined up on the pier waiting to board the ship. Luckily we had no problem getting on and finding a seat on the top deck (so we had the best view).
The attendants loosened our ties and we were on our way! Starting out in Midland Harbour we admired the nice sunny day but we were very thankful for the breeze the boat brought because it was quite warm.
The cruise goes all the way around Beausoleil Island, which is a national park of Canada known as Georgian Bay Islands National Park. As the boat toured on they told the legend of Kitchikewana, an old Indigenous legend of how the five bays were formed in our part of Georgian Bay. You will have to take a cruise to find out the legend because my lips are sealed! But I’ll give you a teaser, the whole thing happened because of a girl… typical right?! Blog2-(1).jpg
We toured on past Brebeuf Island and the lighthouse that is used to guide ships into our end of Georgian Bay, a beautiful picturesque moment. That I accidentally missed because I was on the other side of the ship taking pictures of this sailboat... Whoops!
We continued around to the northern most part of the island and being that my grandparents had a cottage in the Honey Harbour area I was quite familiar with what I was seeing. Next thing I knew I was passing my old cottage! A nice little trip down memory lane for sure!
Passing Picnic Island sure made me crave ice cream because as a kid we would take the short boat ride over after dinner and get some of “the best ice cream on Georgian Bay” according to them. I think on a hot summer day any ice cream you can get is the best ice cream but we’ll let them have this one I guess.
After Honey Harbour the boat tours back towards Midland Harbour. This is when the sky started to darken and it did not look to nice out anymore, so I decided to go below and find a seat that would be covered. This was a good decision because it started to rain shortly after and the below part of the boat was now filled with people escaping the rain.

Unfortunately this cruise was not a catered one, but you can take one of their lunch or dinner cruises and you will be able to enjoy a meal on Georgian Bay! Even if your cruise is not a meal one they always have a snack bar that carries ice cream, chips, other snacks and a variety of beverages.
Before I knew it we were back at the docks and our voyage had come to an end. I would like to thank the staff of the Miss Midland and Midland Tours for making our cruise such an enjoyable experience! If you ever find yourself in the Heart of Georgian Bay and you’ve never really been out on the water here, you need to do this tour. Only then will you understand why so many people, myself included, love Georgian Bay.

Written by Katie Lalonde, Student Communications Coordinator for Heart of Georgian Bay

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