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Footprints on the Floor: 4 Haunted Locations to Visit in the Heart of Georgian Bay

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | October 31, 2019 | ghost, ghost walk, halloween, scary, spirit
Every year on October 31st, streets are taken over by children dressed in all kinds of costumes, but the history behind this day is much more than that. The origins go back to the Celtic celebration of Samhaim, where people would dress in costumes and light fires to ward off the spirits of those who had passed. Over time, the traditions of All Hallows Eve was brought across the Atlantic by immigrants to this new world and eventually evolved into a fun evening where it is considered normal to knock on strangers' doors and ask for candy, wearing your favourite superhero, princess, or masked murderer costume. To honour this day, we want to share a few locations in the Heart of Georgian Bay that have connections to the spirit world.


The Best of Fall in the Heart of Georgian Bay!


Here we are, October 1st. Can you believe it? Gone are the endless days of summer, and we are back to the same old, same old school and work schedule. But wait... it's 30 degrees outside, so put away your sweaters and pumpkin spiced lattes and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!

The Heart of Georgian Bay is known for its incredible beaches, crystal clear waters, and sunny weather, but why stop there? There is an awesome line-up of fall activities to keep the fun going! Whether its celebrating the fall harvest, exploring the great outdoors, or having the begeesus scared out of you, there are plenty of options for good weather and not so nice weather.


Saying Goodbye to Summer

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | August 23, 2019

     Katie here. As my second summer as the student, here at the Heart of Georgian Bay, is coming to a close, I decided to reflect on the amazing time I had. I'm on the left in the picture above. Working for North Simcoe Tourism has taught me so much about this beautiful region that I didn’t know, even though I've lived here my whole life! I have come to realize that this area and the four municipalities that make it up are astounding! I like to refer to it as a ‘hidden gem’ because it is a little bit off the beaten path, but once you get here, you will never want to leave. Recapping my summer will give you a little insight into what I mean. 


Top 7 FREE Things to Do in the Heart of Georgian Bay

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | August 20, 2019

Everyone loves to save a couple dollars while on vacation, with travelling costs and all that goes along with it, finding some cost saving activities is always a bonus. We have compiled this list of places and activities that you can take part in on a budget! Here in the Heart of Georgian Bay there are a few things you can do to save a buck or two and still enjoy this beautiful place. 


146 Pages of History

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | August 13, 2019

Do you want to take a step back in time? Maybe learn what happened in history to get you where you are today? Well the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives is the place for you. Read here about the time I spent in the genealogy room, tracing back my own family tree. 


Must-Do Events in the Heart of Georgian Bay

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | July 19, 2019
Summer is in full swing here at the Heart of Georgian Bay which means there is an amazing lineup of festivals and events in our region that you will want to be a part of. Now everyone knows about Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival, as it was named one of Canada's Best Summer Food and Drink Festivals. But this amazing event has come and gone for this year, but do not fret, there is so much more to see and do coming up this summer. With amazing events, shows and festivals going on almost every weekend you will never be bored in the Heart of Georgian Bay! 


Turtles and Snakes and Minks, OH MY!

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | July 11, 2019
     We had the amazing opportunity to travel to Georgian Bay Islands National Park recently, and this really is a hidden gem in the Heart of Georgian Bay. This park is one of the few places in Canada that is a National Park and a National Historic Site. So, not only are you able to explore the beautiful grounds of the park, but you can also learn about the history of these islands. On our day adventure we were able to tour most of the main island, which is Beausoleil Island, and we saw a ton! Come and find out about our amazing outdoor adventure.


Top 6 Things to do This Summer... after 5PM

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | June 20, 2019

So, you’re coming to visit us for the weekend, and you have a jam packed day, but you find yourself wondering… “Hmm... what will we do after 5PM?”. Well do I have the perfect line up for you. Many people think that once 5:00PM hits that our towns close up and you are left to entertain yourselves, but this could not be any more wrong. Come and find out our favourite things to do after 5:00PM in the Heart of Georgian Bay.


The Insiders Guide to Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival


The sweetest day of the year is almost upon us!

Get the inside scoop on successfully navigating this declious festival as well as our "Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Ontario's Best Buttertart Festival".


A Jam Packed Day in the Heart of Georgian Bay!

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | May 24, 2019
     Our first familiarization tour of 2019 featured many stops throughout the Townships of Tay & Tiny, and the Town of Midland. Our jam packed day began at about 9am when we all piled on the bus, and the fun did not stop until all of our participants stepped off the bus for the final time at the end of the day! The day ran smoothly without a hitch, largely in part due to our amazing guests on the tour and wonderful attractions hosting us! Come and find out what we got up to in the beautiful Heart of Georgian Bay!


Countdown to Summer!

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | April 25, 2019 | attractions, beach, summer, things to do
Title-01.pngWhat are your plans for the summer? Have you even thought about it yet?
We know it's not warm enough yet to jump into Georgian Bay, but it is time to start thinking about what you could do with your time this summer. So dig out your bathing suit and sunglasses, because believe it or not the warm weather is just around the corner. Whether it's with your kids, grandkids, spouse or friends, you can always find something fun to do in the Heart of Georgian Bay, especially when the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer. Here is our list of things to do that you can only do during the summer months, and when they open up for the season.


Embrace Spring... it's Maple Season!

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | March 29, 2019 | maple, maple syrup, spring
The snow is sort of melted but there are no flowers yet. You aren't really sure what kind of jacket to wear when you wake up and you are dreaming of summer. But while you can day-dream of  all the great things you can do when it's warm and the sun is shining, don't forget about the things you can only do during springtime!

Following the success of the Sweetwater Harvest Festival at Wye Marsh in March, we thought we would tell you a bit more about a favourite Canadian delicassy, that is made right here in the Heart of Georgian Bay... maple syrup! And though we are not experts, here is what we know and what a little research can tell us.


Get Lovey-Dovey in the Heart of Georgian Bay

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | February 07, 2019 | cookies, experience, gift ideas, golf, love, skate trail, ski, snowshoe, truffles, Valentine's Day
In the third century of Rome, there lived a priest named Valentine. When the ruling emperor outlawed marriage because he believed single men made for stronger soldiers than married men, Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret for young lovers. When the emperor found out what he was doing, Valentine was executed. How romantic...?

Here is a list of a few suggestions of how to embrace the lovey-dovey day; things to do on and around February 14th, where to get those sweet treats, and where to make a dinner reservation... all right here, in the Heart of Georgian Bay.


Our Favourite Warm Bevies to Keep You Warm

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | January 31, 2019 | coffee, hot chocolate, stay warm, warm drinks, winter
The weather channel is calling for seemingly never-ending snowstorms. You look out the window and all you see is white. You have to wear 3 pairs of socks to keep your toes warm. But you still want to go and do all your favourite wintery activities. So what is the solution? How about a peppermint hot chocolate, or a tumeric latte, or a matcha coconut latte to keep you warm while you are out in the winter weather? Here is our list of some of our favourite warm bevies in the Heart of Georgian Bay, and where to get them.


Top 10 Unique Places to Stay in the Heart of Georgian Bay

Posted by Heart of Georgian Bay | January 22, 2019 | accommodations, stay, travel, unique, unique places to stay

When planning a trip, what is the first thing you book? Most likely the place to rest your head after a long day of exploring. Of course, you can always stay in a hotel or traditional bed and breakfast, but why not try out a yurt or stay on a farm or maybe even a haunted historic building to make your trip a little more interesting? After all, travel is about experiencing new things, isn't it? Check out some of these unique places to lay your head, all in the Heart of Georgian Bay.