Spring Migratory Birding Workshops at Wye Marsh

Location: Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre - 16160 Highway 12 E, Midland
Date: Sunday, 19 Apr 2020
Time: 9 am - 11 am

Part A: Understanding Migration: April 5, 2020
This first workshop of a two part series will focus on all of the theory and mechanics of migration. We will explore the origins of migration, types of migration, how migration is navigated, the best places to view migration in Simcoe county, and ethical principles of birding. This is then followed up by a hike to look for migratory waterfowl and early arrivals of migratory songbirds.

Part B: Migration Identification: April 19, 2020
The second part of this workshop series focuses on identification. Be ready to learn intricate details of each species of songbird that can be found during this integral time of year for birds. Details like habitat preferences, behaviours, field marks, and songs & calls will be studied before voyaging on an identification hike to work on our newfound skills and see some of nature’s most amazing creatures!

To learn more please visit the website or contact Makenzie Soden at 705-526-7809.

Spring Migratory Birding Workshops at Wye Marsh
Spring Migratory Birding Workshops at Wye Marsh