6 ways to turn your Monday blues around

Happy Monday, everyone! For some motivation to keep you going, here are 6 lovely tips that can ease your transition from weekend to weekday:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast – It does not need to be a big meal, but something to give your brain enough power to start the day right (and do not forget your morning coffee)! Why not stop by Newfies Soups and Smoothies to get yourself some plant-based smoothies. Or, you could get your coffee fuel from Grounded Coffee Co.!

2. Exercise – Get those endorphins released! There are plenty of home workouts to search for that can suit your needs, you do not always need a gym to get your blood pumping. MegaMindful Living provides the community with excellent ways to refresh your mind such as Megafit, Tai Chi, and many other opportunities to relieve stress and worry.

3. Meditate – It is best when you go into the day with a clear mind and understanding of what you want to accomplish. Mediating, or even breathing exercises will lessen your anxiety of getting started. Take a step out into the beautiful Wye Marsh and enjoy what nature has to offer as a nice way to start off your week, and why not meditate in the beautiful weather!

4. Mind your thoughts and feelings – Thoughts of anxiety, depression, and stress may ponder but the way you control your brain will affect your daily productivity. But please remember that it is okay to take a day to yourself for mental health-boosting. If you are, or know someone who is struggling with mental health, be sure to check out this list of Provincial Mental Health Supports here: https://bit.ly/3tJ1S2j.

5. Get a head start the night before – Mondays can be the worst. Sometimes you may feel lost, but simple planning and organization of your day can increase productivity levels! If you’re looking for pieces to liven up your workspace, consider checking out Oasis Home & Gift. You can visit their website: here.

6. Get plenty’o sleep – Not sleeping enough can totally ruin your day and productivity levels! Be sure to get between seven to nine hours of sleep to ensure you have the best day possible. If you’re looking for a local get away, consider the Perch by The Bay. To book a stay, visit Perch by The Bay’s website, here!

Photo of local AirBnB spot Perch by The Bay

Written by Thomas Zoschke, Administrative Assistant at NSCFDC

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