5 More Cool Treats in the Heart of Georgian Bay

A few weeks ago, we shared five cool treats to help you beat the heat in this blog post, and asked our followers to let us know their favourite spots to get ice cream. We are back with another roundup, this time with five of your favourite sweet treats in the Heart of Georgian Bay.

1. Frozen North

North of Exile Games doesn’t just sell board games – they also serve up some delicious soft serve ice cream! Visit their ice cream parlour, the Frozen North, and enjoy customizing your order. Start by adding one, or several, flavour twists to your soft serve, then pick a dip flavour. While there, check out their game selection for something to do next time you’re stuck inside on a rainy day.

2. Mark’s Parlour

Located right by the 400, Mark’s Parlour is the perfect place to stop during a road trip. They have a wide selection of candy and chocolate, as well as gifts and novelties so be sure to take a look around. They serve both scoop and soft serve ice cream, as well as Razzles, which is soft serve with your choice of chocolate or candy mixed in. There is definitely something for everyone, making this the perfect destination for your road trip snacks.

3. The Elegant Gourmet

If you are spending the afternoon exploring Downtown Midland, The Elegant Gourmet is a great destination for a sweet treat. Their soft serve machine is up and running for the season, and you can enjoy your ice cream in a freshly made waffle cone. While you are in, don’t miss their chocolate and fudge selection. We have a feeling you won’t be able to resist taking home a sweet treat for later.

4. Smiles N’ Ice Cream

Construction on the County Road 93, Golf Link Road, and Vinden Street intersection may be underway, but businesses are still accessible and open for visitors. Located on Vinden Street, Smiles N’ Ice Cream serves a wide variety of soft serve with flavour bursts and dips to choose from. They also have a classic chocolate and vanilla swirl, which you can never go wrong with.

5. Rooted

Located in Victoria Harbour, Rooted is a plant-based café and market that serves delicious vegan gelato. The gelato flavours rotate, but there is always a fruity option and something sweet available. Since everything on the menu is plant-based, this is great stop for everyone.

Written by: Grace Dietrich
Tourism Marketing Assistant, Heart of Georgian Bay

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