Brookside Music presents Syrene

Location: Midland Alliance Church - 829 Yonge Street
Date: Sunday, 21 Jul 2019
Time: 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Four professional female saxophonists from Holland who have named themselves after the Sirens from Homer's Odyssey: sea goddesses that seduced sailors with their divine voices. Syrène strives to make the sounds of the classical saxophone known to a diverse audience. It is their energy, their musical qualities and their subtle communication, that makes them so beloved with their listeners.

The Syrènes have studied at the Conservatories of Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. They were the first wind ensemble to be welcomed at the prestigious Dutch String Quartet Academy. The Syrène Saxophone Quartet is a common guest on all the major Dutch stages and has performed on many international stages.

Syrène's motto is 'Fresh and sweet, but with a bite': Talented, spicy but with a delicate female touch. The individual talents are at their finest when combined as the Syrenes Quartet.

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Brookside is a not for profit organization which provides the Midland and surrounding areas with world class performers of classical music at a fraction of the cost of traveling to major cities for the same opportunities. A large part of Brookside's mandate is to provide educational opportunities to our youth and marginalized communities by providing free admittance to all students, and conducting workshops by internationally renowned artists in local schools and for local choirs.