Battle of Georgian Bay Grand Encampment

Location: Discovery Harbour - 93 Jury Drive, Penetanguishene
Date: Thursday, 8 Aug 2019 - Sunday, 11 Aug 2019
Time: See schedule for details
Re-enactors from across North America will take over the historic site. Tavern, music, musket & cannon demonstrations, historic artisans, Jack’s Nasty Face Tavern, food, roving musicians and so much more.

Tall Ships Midland
$8.00 per day Apr 1 - Aug 8
$10.00 per day at the gate (cash only)

Tall Ships Discovery Harbour
$8.00/ day starting April 1

Weekend Combo Ticket
$15.00 for both locations for both Saturday and Sunday (available April 1 - Aug 8)

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Wednesday, August 7th at 7:00PM - Assault on the Village of Victoria Harbour
This newly constructed British outpost is totally taken by surprise as American troop’s assault by land and water and total overwhelm the small defending forces. Looting and pillaging of the outpost ensues as the first part of the Americans battle campaign is a success.

Thursday, August 8th at 7:00PM - Skirmish at Balm Beach
American scouting parties have been reported along the shorelines of Nottawasaga Bay and British troops have been dispatched to confirm the reports. British troops worst fears become a reality as the advance guard of the American army has converge on Balm Beach in an attempt to control this key supply depot. The few defending British troops and allies surrender or flee with the mayor officially surrendering the depot to the Americans.

Friday, August 9th at 7:00PM - Attack on the Port of Midland
The attack on the Port of Midland will be a demonstration of a fictional naval Tall Ship battle escalating into a full-scale marine assault landing of American forces on the shores of Midland Harbour. British troops and allies fight a retreating battle in defense of their community. After a valiant fight, overwhelming American numbers supported by Tall Ships with cannon, eventually break down the communities’ defenses with the Mayor of Midland being captured and surrendering the town to the enemy. Looting & pillaging of local merchants ensues as the Americans celebrate their victory.

Saturday, August 10th at 11:00AM - Parade and Pillaging of Penetanguishene
Penetanguishene will experience an invasion of advancing American soldiers who actually pillage local businesses while British troops attempt to block their advance and attempt to defend the town at various intersections with the Mayor being captured and officially surrendering the town and the secret naval base.

Saturday, August 10th at 3:00PM - Sortie and Barrage at Discovery Harbour
A small British force has been dispatched to gather information on the strength of the American forces that have headquartered themselves at the captured British naval base. The overconfident British forces soon discover that they have underestimated their opponents as a strong defensive position supported by artillery is unleashed at the thin red line.

Saturday, August 10th at 7:00PM - Siege of Magazine Island at Discovery Harbour
Saturday’s evening battle will feature British marine assault landings on the American strongholds. British re-enforcements have arrived in force with Tall Ship engage the enemy in battle and provide cannon cover as smaller vessels and canoes assault the beachheads and American defenses. See artillery duels, British and allied troops storming the beaches and rockets lighting up the sky.

Sunday, August 11th at 2:00PM - The Last Stand at Discovery Harbour
The north garrison green will be the stage for the final assault on the Americans in a traditional 19th century land battle. Be on hand as British troop and their allies use the “cold steel” to ultimately prevail over the enemy and raise the Union Flag high into the sky in victory.